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Cuando estoy en éste espacio, Yo NO quiero, lo repito, YO NO quiero respirar lentamente, practicar yoga, escuchar música relajante, tomar un te de hierbas o usar aceites de incienso. Apenas puedo orar a no ser que mis gritos a Dios cuente. Sé que estas cosas son buenas, sé que pueden ayudar.

When I am in this dark space, I do NOT want, I repeat, I do NOT want to breathe slowly, do yoga, listen to soothing music, drink herbal tea or burn essential oils. I can barely pray unless screaming at God counts. I need something real and strong and loud and soft.

“There is no way Jesus was a feminist!” I disagreed. I knew any discussion about gender equality in Christian circles can be fraught with emotional bombs.
Step the wrong way with semantics and watch an explosion of anger and passion blow up. It’s a minefield of mixed definitions and a powder keg of perceptions and paradigms.