Mirror Mirror the Book

mirror cover

To purchase please email Elissa at: elissa@lavishpursuits.com.au to arrange an order via direct deposit. There are discount for orders of more than 10 books.

$10.00 each

Many precious women have made the life changing discovery that they are princesses, daughters of the King of Kings. But what happens after the passion fades, the tiara becomes tarnished and the robes of mercy become threadbare? “Princess” looks in the mirror and asks if she is still the “fairest of them all”.The answer she receives from heaven is a beautiful and touching surprise. join princess on a journey through the mirror to a place beyond happily ever after. As she steps through the layers of various Bible stories such as the adulterous woman, the Pharisee, the criminal on the cross, the woman at the well and more, her masks are peeled away to reveal the God-colours within.

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