Grumpy Middle Aged Woman Slaps Blog Readers


I want to slap teenage boys whose pants are hanging so low their Bonds undies are inflated around their hips like a blow fish under attack.

I want to slap women with eyebrows that look like they’ve been drawn on by Picasso with a brown Disney felt pen.

I want to slap people who say (with a face like a prune), “You know those child sponsor charities just spend all your money on administration and nice cars”.

Seriously, I’m middle aged, grumpy and tired of bullpoo.

I wont actually slap anyone because I hate violence but I admit I do have to suppress the urge that bubbles up in me.

The older you get, the more real you get. Your tolerance for shallowness, cynicism, and botox infused selfies runs to zero. You think more about an authentic life. You think more about a meaningful death.

And so I have been thinking about what I’d like written on my grave stone.

Wife, Mother, Sponsor.

Sound schmaltzy? Really, does sponsor deserve to be in the same line as wife and mother?

Yep! I believe it is as profound.

Is this where you switch off because this blog is another one of thousands of pleas for sponsorship?

If you are about to switch off, just come closer for one minute.

SLAP! You deserve a slap! (metaphorically speaking off course)

Or as we call it in church circles, the laying on of hands till you are healed of the stupid.

Aggressive much – you bet! Ungracious – probably!

But I’m over 50 now and just don’t care if I upset your comfort with poverty. I’m tired of politeness being a barrier to desperate need. Your discomfort and offense don’t come close to feelings of despair and aching hunger that children in this world are experiencing as you read this.

I know, I’ve been to Cambodia in places poor beyond imagination.  The changes sponsorship bring is mind-blowingly fabulous. I’m frustrated because I cannot adequately describe the radical change it brings. Unless you’ve seen it first hand you can’t really grasp how incredible it is. You know I’m totally over bullpoo now – so trust me, I’m telling you straight, child sponsorship works, its a tangible miracle.

Sponsoring a child leaves a legacy beyond your life time and more profound than your life time. What the heck is life about if its not about profound legacy?

I know we all get weary of hearing about the overwhelming pain of those suffering in the third world.

Temporary weariness I can do, but I never ever want to become familiar, inoculated and comfortable with suffering.

I never want to say I’ve done enough. God help me if that is what could be written on my grave stone: “Elissa – she was nice and helpful but put a limit on compassion”. No way!


Indulge me as I share one of the most significant moments of my life- tombstone worthy.

When my eighteen year old son was on his gap year he worked casually at KFC. He mentioned a sponsorship charity to me and asked, “Mum, they’re legit right? They’re good right?”

“You bet son, why?”

“I just started sponsoring a little girl in Asia with them”.

I stopped for a moment. A mummy moment. My teenage boy, off his own volition, from his basic wage, CHOSE to take the time, to take the money, to make the life altering bigger-than-he-gets-right-now decision to sponsor a child.

“Wow, mate, that’s awesome. Is that working out OK because you aren’t really on a decent wage yet?”

Then he schooled me” “Mum, I’m your son. You always said that once you have a job you have a responsibility to share that with those who don’t have what you’ve got. I’ve got water, I’ve got a flat. I’ve got two minute noodles, I’ve got a phone – I’m good.”

Put that on my friggin’ grave stone people! (The first sentence, not the two minute noodle thing.)

I could stop this blog now at this feel good moment. But I’m throwing this “writing on your tombstone” moment back at you. Let’s get very, very real for a moment.

What do you want? Who do you want to be? What do you want your legacy to be?

I pray it’s sponsorship. Sponsorship prevents poverty, sponsorship prevents deathly disease, sponsorship prevents child marriages. Sponsorship’s bring hope. Sponsorship brings positive change. Sponsorship brings joy. Click on this link if you want to see it in action:

sima from nepal

If you want to sponsor a child, I highly recommend, like super dooper endorse Baptist World Aid as an agency. I traveled with them to Cambodia and was left humbled by their compassion, integrity, intelligence and the dignity afforded to the children with which they partner. They are an incredibly honest, effective and honorable organization.

Press on this link below and sponsor one of their beautiful children, literally change a community and make your own life more meaningful.

To make your life more meaningful and beautiful click here:

Bless you and I promise to stop slapping you (metaphorically speaking).

by Elissa Macpherson

author, speaker, unashamedbly pushy about justice, wife, mother, sponsor

small book image  Available at Koorong or

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  1. Speaking truth. We are so so so able to support financially, emotionally, spiritually and physically – and we need to do it. Walk and not be weary of the size of the problem.

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